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surround yourself with excellence

are you surrounded by excellent people?  if not, something may be wrong because great brands need great people to succeed.  and no matter how brilliant you might be, you are not immune to this truth.  

excellent people help propel excellent brands towards their maximum potential.  here are a few quick reasons why:

  • excellent people tend to feel uncomfortable performing sub par compared to others.  consequently, the higher the standard of excellence around them the more excellent they will tend to be.  yes, even excellence is relative
  • excellent teams are always better than an excellent individual.  two excellent people will always be better than one.  five will always be better than two, etc, etc.  (you get the point)
  • being surrounded by excellent people allows one to focus on the task at hand and focus is key to success.  too often when people are  not surrounded by excellent people they spend too much time distracted because they are worried about or busy making up for other peoples’ deficiencies.  

so hire excellent talent, work for an excellent boss, build a circle of excellent friends, find an excellent spouse, and get coached by excellent mentors.  their job title is irrelevant; the truth is, excellent people propel brands towards their destiny.


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2009 brand of the year

great brands…


…connect emotionally as well as logically


…change lives





… move people to action





…do the impossible







…create change






only one month into 2009 and it’s clear that barack obama is the brand of the year (probably century).  and watching things transpire over the last few months it has become clear to me that a great brand can only be human.  there are products, services, and companies that we all love and respect, but can they ever be truly great?  

brands are built on relationships and connections and, for most of us, the strongest connections we will build in our lives will be to other people.  consequently, each one of us harnesses the ability to be their own unique and truly great brand.  the question is, do you have the courage to try?  

(for the most amazing display of barack obama’s inauguration, told completely through pictures, click here. )

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whose lovemark are you?

for those unfamiliar with the term, lovemarks are an interesting concept developed by kevin roberts, ceo of saatchi & saatchi, and are the ‘future beyond brands.’  according to kevin, “brands have (simply) run out of juice.”  consequently, he encourages us to stop developing brands and start developing lovemarks.  the difference?  while we may love brands, we love and respect lovemarks!  he defines a lovemark as the following: 

“Lovemarks transcend brands. They deliver beyond your expectations of great performance…Lovemarks reach your heart as well as your mind, creating an intimate, emotional connection that you just can’t live without. Ever.

Take a brand away and people will find a replacement. Take a Lovemark away and people will protest its absence. Lovemarks are a relationship, not a mere transaction. You don’t just buy Lovemarks, you embrace them passionately. That’s why you never want to let go.

Put simply, Lovemarks inspire.”

a great example of showcasing that your product is a lovemark is what crispin porter did with the whopper.  and while we all might strive to start turning every product, company, and brand we work on into a lovemark (it’s clear that in a down economy you would prefer to have a lovermark, right?), the question for today is about you.  

are you a fad, a product, a brand, or a lovemark?  on the job?  with your family?  in your community?  whose lovemark are you?  who never wants to let you go?  who would freak out if you were eliminated (laid off)?  who in your life thinks you are irreplaceable?  has your company decided that they won’t go into battle with you?  

i encourage you to make a list of all of the important stakeholders in your life (your family, friends, job, community organizations, etc) with two columns next to it-desired state and current state.  while the desired state for all should be the same for all (re: lovemark), after reflection, you may realize that the current state is not.  if you find a gap anywhere (you want to be a lovemark to your campany but you are more like a product), I would recommend that you start crafting out a plan about how to get more love and/or respect from the people you have determined to matter.  

so…whose lovemark are you (leave comments below)?


whos lovemark are you?

who's lovemark are you?

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