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fail faster

everyone wants to be successful.  it’s human nature.  we may each define success differently, but we all want it.  what we often forget, or never know, is that failure is a critical component of success.  you can’t win if you don’t fail.

  • if you haven’t failed you aren’t taking big enough risks to win.  with big risks come big rewards.  you can’t expect big rewards if you’re not taking large enough risks.
  • if you haven’t failed, and learned from those failures, you don’t have the experiences necessary to win when the going gets tough…and the going always gets tough!
  • if you haven’t failed, and don’t willingly admit to failing, than you’re not mature enough to recognize that failure propels you to your destiny; it doesn’t detract from it.  every successful person i have ever met can easily identify those times in their life when they failed and the lessons learned to help them on their journey.

point blank: if you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough.  fail faster.


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the power of “one”

many of us spend most of our days looking at “consumers” and “targets,” and it becomes easy to forget there are real live people on the other end of the interaction.  instead of people, they become numbers and and when we see numbers we tend to judge the value of our brands accordingly.  we look at our sales figures, facebook friends, twitter followers, etc and aim to have the biggest numbers.  

but they’re not numbers, they are people and each “one” matters.  we forget sometimes that touching “one” can be just as important as touching “one” million.  we forget that developing a strong emotional and rational relationship with “one” can lead to that “one” telling “one” hundred others like them.   and we forget that touching “one” can lead to an irrational loyalty towards your brand that is even recession proof, which means your customers will spend during and after the recession, your boss won’t lay you off you when there are cuts, etc.  “one” matters.

i encourage you next time, instead of starting a company to serve the masses to think about how you can build something that impacts “one” unlike any other brand they encounter.  next time, you apply to a job you should think about how to make a unique and lasting connection with that “one” resume reviewer or informal interviever that won’t let them shake your name.  next time, before you write your speech, outline your resume, craft your script, develop your sales pitch, or build a business for the masses remember the power of “one.”  

(again, thank you to all for the personal notes that let me know that what i do in this space matters to you.  it is easy to look at my blog numbers and want more…that is until i am reminded of the privilege it is to have just you.  thank you)

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it’s all relative

i am intrigued by the notion that everything is relative.  since rediscovering it (like most, albert einsten gave me my first introduction)  in the first chapter of dan ariely’s book, predictably irrational, i have come to recognize just how pervasive the idea of relativity is in all of our lives.

your ability to evaluate a product is based on other similar options existing; that’s why marketers are careful to position their products appropriately.  telling me Coke is the best cola is different than telling me it is the best beverage; it will make me consider coke at very different times.  similarly, the price you are willing to pay for that particular product is relative as well.  that’s why the older we get the more we tend to complain about price, because gas is increasingly expensive relative to the price you knew it to be when you were 10 years old (current 10 year old kids don’t have that issue)

relativity even creeps into our personal lives.  your level of happiness with your partner, your house, your job, and your family is often evaluated relative to the people around you as well.  that’s why the old saying, “keeping up with the jones” comes from.  how many times are you happy with your life until you see someone else, who appears to be doing better.  or put another way, how often do you think you have it bad until you see someone who is a lot worse off than you and, all of a sudden, things just aren’t that bad.  and, if you follow my blog, you also know that i even believe that your dreams and life aspirations can be relative.

relativity is an amazing concept that can have extreme impact on your personal brand.  it important to look externally for inputs on how to define your brand, but the true definition of who you are should come from with in.   i encourage you to become more cognizant of how relativity is impacting your decisions and life choices because it’s presence  can have very positive or negative effects. in this down economy, how has relativity most recently impacted you in your life?

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the most important thing a brand can do…

…is define it’s identity.  what are it’s values and personality?  what does it do/look like?  how should it make people that interact with it feel?  most importantly: what is it’s vision?  having a unique vision sets the stage for long term success and prevents the lovemark from getting caught up in the world of “me too.”  

  • walmart will always be about helping every day people afford the must haves and even some of the nice-t0-haves.  
  • axe will always be about helping guys get girls.  
  • diddy will always be about hustling to make money.
  • me, i will always be about helping brands (both people and products alike) reach their full potential.  

how i do it may change.  who i’m helping at any given time may be different.  but at the end of the day, the vision will stay the same.  i’ve always known that, but this weekend i had time to finally put it on paper and in words.  there may be some incremental changes to my brand identity before i officially lock it in, but it’s 95% of the way there.  and like all great lovemarks, once the vision/idea behind the name is established the only thing that remains is to filter everything i produce through that one unique lens.  i doubt the world is ready.

what’s the vision behind your brand?

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when “me too” doesn’t work

ever!  “me too” never works, that is if you’re trying to win. these days there are way too many “me too” brands.  the majority of the messages i see on tv are all the same; most brands are competing on the same select variables.   they end up in the same place and instead of serving their purpose (reducing choice for the customer) they create clutter, noise, and confusion.  

the same is true for individuals.  friends look at friends who appear to have things going for them and try to copy their dreams, lifestyle, or choices.  we even do this with strangers.  we see people on tv or in the news and try to imitate their walk and their talk with the hopes that it will enable us to enjoy their success.  but it doesn’t work, not if you want to win.   

the reality is, copying will put you at parity…if you’re lucky.  a passion brand or lovemark, whether personal or product-related, will never be  at parity.  it will always carve out a unique space for itself.  it will identify it’s unique vision/purpose and then leverage this unique perspective on life to create value for and give the people in its circle something by which to navigate life.  

‘me too’ happens when you look outside for answers; the best answers come from within.  what’s core to your brand?  your best you is never “me too,” it’s always your unique you.

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the game is changing

the game is changing…

my favorite hip hop artist right now has almost 40million plays on myspace but no album in stores.  he has broken the old model of convincing a label you’re “hot” and getting them to bet on you.  instead he releases music to the world (everyone is a publisher now) as he pleases and we listen/buy.  no need to convince anyone, he has proven that he is “hot” and the existing buzz around around him is so large now that record labels are courting him.  

the game is changing…

i used to carry business cards.  i don’t any more.  last time i ordered cards i waited two weeks for them to come back with the wrong information (entirely my fault).  i don’t have time or patience to order them again; instead, i use (thanks dre).  if you want my information now all you have to do is text “ghdetavio” to 50500.  you will immediately receive a text with all of my professional information, which can be changed at any time.  it’s faster, greener, doesn’t allow people to “lose” my information, and better all around.  

what’s the point?  the game is constantly changing around you.  you can resist change or figure out how to make it work for you.  build your brand, follow dreams, leverage new technologies to your benefit…don’t let them allow you to get left behind.  for me, the best way to keep up is to be the one responsible for changing the game.

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one answer to 21stcitizen

we just launched 21stcitizen.  the core of the idea behind 21stcitizen is the belief that with the incredible rights we are given as people is an implicit responsibility to make the world better.  the question the brand asks us all to answer is: what are you doing to become a better citizen of the 21st century?   i wanted to share my answer, which I call the 3p approach, on my blog.  

my 3p approach

  1. i live my life on purpose.  i sincerely believe that individuals are blessed with gifts and talents for a reason, those gifts and talents are ultimately for accomplishing some purpose that is much bigger than the individual.  consequently, i do most things on purpose, which means they are connected to my purpose or at least directionally accurate based on what i believe my purpose to be.
  2.  i seek to perfect myself so that my gifts and talents increase daily, which better enables me to fulfill my purpose.  i do this by aligning my gifts/talents with what i do everyday (re: job), exposing myself to the impossible as a way to increase my dreams, chasing knowledge, and pushing myself to pursue and accomplish the improbable.
  3. perform.  This can only come after having made purposeful decisions and done as much as possible to perfect my talents so that i can be my best me at any given point and time.  these are the macro and micro actions I commit that act as vehicles to create change in the lives of my family, my community, and myself.  so what are some of my actions?  i give to my community (time and money), i blog to impact lives  (still working on perfecting this, of course), i attempt to help grow the hopes and dreams of those who entrust me with the privilege, and i do motivational speaking (wherever they are crazy enough to invite me to come) to name a few.

the point i want to leave you with is that performing (macro and micro actions alike) is only a part of what it takes to be a 21stcitizen.  it also requires that we live our lives on purpose and continuously try to become the best the people we can be.  Then, and only then, are we able to perform at our best for our families and the world alike.  what are you doing to become a 21stcitizen?

  • join the discussion and fan the facebook page here
  • watch the video here
  • leave your ideas and thoughts here


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the importance of (re)set

every now and then you become too fed up, burnt out, or just plain too tired to think.  (re)thinking is not an option when you can’t get yourself to think in the first place.  before you get to that point you should hit the (re)set button. 

oftentimes we allow ourselves to reach that point because there is something monopolizing our time.  maybe it’s the job, the degree, or even the cute girl you’re in love with that you can’t get off of your mind.  but truth be told, just like in the business world, monopolies are bad (no matter how cute they are).  they hinder innovation, take unfair advantage of the people involved, and ultimately, society is worse off.

the same is true in your personal life.  you need healthy competition (otherwise known as balance) between work, life, love, hobbies, and anything else you have going on.  and although your boss, wife, and friends may not understand at the time, the reality is that by enabling healthy competition in your life you will ultimately be happier and perform better for all of those involved.   

i know i’ve ignored a lot for the past few months.  some of it was because i allowed a monopoly to take control of my life.  but most recently, it was because i was hitting the (re)set button.  now i’m back and better than i was before.

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monday spot(light): sagami original, love distance

some of the best creative gets people to reThink the brand, the category, the problem, and/or the consumer. on monday spot(light) we discuss some of the creative in the marketplace that accomplishes that, for better or for worse. if you have recommendations, please email them to me at

this spot it a little long but, for me, it’s a fresh approach to an old category.  it’s my first time seeing someone actually inject the emotion of love into condoms.  go figure

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only one way to grow dreams

yesterday i wrote a post on the importance of dreaming big.  today i am following it up with the only way i know to grow dreams…exposure.  it’s hard to know what you want if you don’t know what is possible and exposure is simply the best way to discover the impossible.  

can you dream of owning an island if you don’t know people who are doing it?  can you dream of running your own business if you don’t know any entrepreneurs?  what about running a marathon if you don’t know that people run 10+ miles everyday?  can you dream of being a multimillionaire if you don’t know anyone making over $60K/year?  can you dream of developing a technology that permeates 100 million households if you don’t know anyone who has done it (re: bill gates of microsoft had a dream to place a computer on every desk and in every home)?  

i believe in the idea of exposure so greatly that i have based my life around it.  i am constantly trying to surround myself with people who dream bigger than i so i can see the impossible and pick and choose what part of the impossible i want to attain.  how are you growing your dreams?  who is helping you grow them?  

today i leave you with this thought , which has inspired me for years:

“exposure to the next level breeds an intolerance for your current situation.”

get away from the people and things around you.  determine today to make a change.  get intolerant…expose yourself.  

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