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fail faster

everyone wants to be successful.  it’s human nature.  we may each define success differently, but we all want it.  what we often forget, or never know, is that failure is a critical component of success.  you can’t win if you don’t fail.

  • if you haven’t failed you aren’t taking big enough risks to win.  with big risks come big rewards.  you can’t expect big rewards if you’re not taking large enough risks.
  • if you haven’t failed, and learned from those failures, you don’t have the experiences necessary to win when the going gets tough…and the going always gets tough!
  • if you haven’t failed, and don’t willingly admit to failing, than you’re not mature enough to recognize that failure propels you to your destiny; it doesn’t detract from it.  every successful person i have ever met can easily identify those times in their life when they failed and the lessons learned to help them on their journey.

point blank: if you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough.  fail faster.

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  1. Failure is success @ something u didn’t intend 2 achieve. Success is achieving what u intended.

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