maximum potential

these are the thought starters, insights, and inspiration to get you, and the brands you manage, to reach your maximum potential

the most important thing a brand can do…

…is define it’s identity.  what are it’s values and personality?  what does it do/look like?  how should it make people that interact with it feel?  most importantly: what is it’s vision?  having a unique vision sets the stage for long term success and prevents the lovemark from getting caught up in the world of “me too.”  

  • walmart will always be about helping every day people afford the must haves and even some of the nice-t0-haves.  
  • axe will always be about helping guys get girls.  
  • diddy will always be about hustling to make money.
  • me, i will always be about helping brands (both people and products alike) reach their full potential.  

how i do it may change.  who i’m helping at any given time may be different.  but at the end of the day, the vision will stay the same.  i’ve always known that, but this weekend i had time to finally put it on paper and in words.  there may be some incremental changes to my brand identity before i officially lock it in, but it’s 95% of the way there.  and like all great lovemarks, once the vision/idea behind the name is established the only thing that remains is to filter everything i produce through that one unique lens.  i doubt the world is ready.

what’s the vision behind your brand?

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  1. TMW says:

    the most important thing a brand can do for me is care about me. Maybe that means always delivering on its promises, improving itself in the right direction, etc… I just want to be able to depend on it. So maybe I would that the vision for my brand as well

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