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the game is changing

the game is changing…

my favorite hip hop artist right now has almost 40million plays on myspace but no album in stores.  he has broken the old model of convincing a label you’re “hot” and getting them to bet on you.  instead he releases music to the world (everyone is a publisher now) as he pleases and we listen/buy.  no need to convince anyone, he has proven that he is “hot” and the existing buzz around around him is so large now that record labels are courting him.  

the game is changing…

i used to carry business cards.  i don’t any more.  last time i ordered cards i waited two weeks for them to come back with the wrong information (entirely my fault).  i don’t have time or patience to order them again; instead, i use (thanks dre).  if you want my information now all you have to do is text “ghdetavio” to 50500.  you will immediately receive a text with all of my professional information, which can be changed at any time.  it’s faster, greener, doesn’t allow people to “lose” my information, and better all around.  

what’s the point?  the game is constantly changing around you.  you can resist change or figure out how to make it work for you.  build your brand, follow dreams, leverage new technologies to your benefit…don’t let them allow you to get left behind.  for me, the best way to keep up is to be the one responsible for changing the game.

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