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the importance of (re)set

every now and then you become too fed up, burnt out, or just plain too tired to think.  (re)thinking is not an option when you can’t get yourself to think in the first place.  before you get to that point you should hit the (re)set button. 

oftentimes we allow ourselves to reach that point because there is something monopolizing our time.  maybe it’s the job, the degree, or even the cute girl you’re in love with that you can’t get off of your mind.  but truth be told, just like in the business world, monopolies are bad (no matter how cute they are).  they hinder innovation, take unfair advantage of the people involved, and ultimately, society is worse off.

the same is true in your personal life.  you need healthy competition (otherwise known as balance) between work, life, love, hobbies, and anything else you have going on.  and although your boss, wife, and friends may not understand at the time, the reality is that by enabling healthy competition in your life you will ultimately be happier and perform better for all of those involved.   

i know i’ve ignored a lot for the past few months.  some of it was because i allowed a monopoly to take control of my life.  but most recently, it was because i was hitting the (re)set button.  now i’m back and better than i was before.

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