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one answer to 21stcitizen

we just launched 21stcitizen.  the core of the idea behind 21stcitizen is the belief that with the incredible rights we are given as people is an implicit responsibility to make the world better.  the question the brand asks us all to answer is: what are you doing to become a better citizen of the 21st century?   i wanted to share my answer, which I call the 3p approach, on my blog.  

my 3p approach

  1. i live my life on purpose.  i sincerely believe that individuals are blessed with gifts and talents for a reason, those gifts and talents are ultimately for accomplishing some purpose that is much bigger than the individual.  consequently, i do most things on purpose, which means they are connected to my purpose or at least directionally accurate based on what i believe my purpose to be.
  2.  i seek to perfect myself so that my gifts and talents increase daily, which better enables me to fulfill my purpose.  i do this by aligning my gifts/talents with what i do everyday (re: job), exposing myself to the impossible as a way to increase my dreams, chasing knowledge, and pushing myself to pursue and accomplish the improbable.
  3. perform.  This can only come after having made purposeful decisions and done as much as possible to perfect my talents so that i can be my best me at any given point and time.  these are the macro and micro actions I commit that act as vehicles to create change in the lives of my family, my community, and myself.  so what are some of my actions?  i give to my community (time and money), i blog to impact lives  (still working on perfecting this, of course), i attempt to help grow the hopes and dreams of those who entrust me with the privilege, and i do motivational speaking (wherever they are crazy enough to invite me to come) to name a few.

the point i want to leave you with is that performing (macro and micro actions alike) is only a part of what it takes to be a 21stcitizen.  it also requires that we live our lives on purpose and continuously try to become the best the people we can be.  Then, and only then, are we able to perform at our best for our families and the world alike.  what are you doing to become a 21stcitizen?

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