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monday spot(light): tree trunk, coffee sleeves, and bus shelters that snow

some of the best creative gets people to reThink the brand, the category, the problem, and/or the consumer. on monday spot(light) we discuss some of the creative in the marketplace that accomplishes that, for better or for worse. if you have recommendations, please email them to me at

this week i decided to highlight three creative executions i discovered in the advertising world over the last week that i think are doing a good job of getting people to (re)Think something.  

what a great way to make people (re)Think there paper use…

…and another great way to get people to think about the global warming issue and let them know what you do (when otherwise they probably wouldn’t listen or care). 

“Hot cups & companion protective sleeves were distributed as a pair to illustrate the global issue. The NRDC (protective sleeve) protects you from global warming (hot cup).”

and lastly, another great way to let people know it’s time to go skiing and demonstrate an excellent new use of an old medium…

Tryvann – The Snowing Billboard from Martin on Vimeo.


source: all creative was found at i believe in adv

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