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this post is one of a series as i write my book to help marketers and advertisers (re)Think how we approach communicating with our audiences. in order to sharpen my thoughts and ensure that i am building rather than adding to the clutter, i decided to write the book (at least the headlines of it) through weekly wednesday posts on my blog so that we could discuss together. you can check out the entire series here. for those who read for more of the (re)Think life slant, don’t worry, i will include life applications as much as possible.

over the last few weeks we have discussed some of the perceptions that we hold as marketers and advertisers (and people) that just may be incorrect.  namely, we assume that people should listen to us because (1) we believe we are the only person in the room and have their full attention (2) we think that if we shout the loudest people will pay attention.  the reality is that we are in the attention game to communicate and bring value to people’s lives.  over the next few weeks we will walk through this truth and the few approaches that i believe really work when it comes to marketing and advertising.  Here’s a sneak peak:

  1. approach people as people, not consumers
  2. take the chance to do marketing w/ meaning (i am using the name developed by bob gilbreath/bridge worldwide because it is much cooler than my benefit or utilitarian marketing nomenclature)
  3. be different…i mean really different
  4. leverage the power of word of mouth

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