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if you need the best, find the longest line

Lines often frustrate us. We are annoyed by the long line at the airport, at the apple store, and at the local restaurant during lunch. But for brands (people and businesses alike) lines are a great thing. Most of the time, lines are a good proxy for demand. When you see a line, it means more people want the product/service than it can service at the particular time.

In these depressed times lines are good because it tells us that there are people/businesses still creating value in times of economic uncertainty. In fact, if you are looking for something/someone who is the best in the world at something right now you could probably just look for the longest lines because, at a time when every penny counts, those are the places where people are still choosing to spend their money. Those are the places people think they are getting the most value. Walmart still has lines. So does Apple. Circuit City doesn’t.

Are there people lining up for your product/service? Are there people lining up to hire you, or to hear you speak? If not, you probably have some (re)thinking to do.

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  1. Tanayia W. says:

    very true, this is the first principle i use when researching restaurants-number of reviews. People’s tastes var therefore reviews are always mixed, but chances are if a lot of people have reviewed then there is something there.

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