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monday spot(light): gatorade, “g” campaign

some of the best creative gets people to reThink the brand, the category, the problem, and/or the consumer.  on monday spot(light) we discuss some of the creative in the marketplace that accomplishes that, for better or for worse.  if you have recommendations, please email them to me at

i hate gatorade’s new “what’s g” campaign.  and i shouldn’t.  when they initially launched the teaser spots with everyone from ali to dwayne wade and peyton manning i was intrigued.  i was excited about the brand.  i wasn’t sure where they were taking me but if it had jordan, weezy, and jabawokeez involved i was going to go along for the ride.  although people complained because the initial teaser skewed heavily african american and was powered by a so-called black militant theme  i defended it.   gatorade had my attention and  i was excited to see what was next.  gatorade probably thought it was working too because people were looking at the branddifferently and they were talking about it again!

and then it happened, gatorade launched “the quest for g” series.  i don’t have much to say about this except i am so frustrated with where they took this brand.  all of the “swagger,” confidence, strength, and superiority that existed in the teasers has been completely demolished in my mind by a monty python parity.  they took my heros and made them baffoons.  is the same target that is excited about lil wayne narrating their commercials the same target that is excited about monty python?  probably not.  at least i’m not and gatorade has officially lost me.  they set me up and delivered something on the back end that was not only extremely different but also not welcomed.  the promise i expected from the brand was not delivered and, as with what happens when most promises are broken, it will take a while before this relationship heals because i no longer know who gatorade is.  

somebody, anybody, please tell me if you feel differently after watching below…

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  1. I too liked the first spot as well. I thought we were in for something great. When the next spot(s) came out I was a little stupefied, as in I didn’t even link them together. On its own I guess the second spots are OK for the general audience. But we all know how something that feels like it has a seriously broad message rooted in something to believe in, if given a good base message, it can be powerful. Well, they started with tying the Gatorade to the very history or nature of any athletic endeavor and somehow flipped it into Monty Python. Its like buying a new BMW (X6) and then realizing it has a lawnmower engine and a clown car interior. They are all wonderful in their place, even Monty Python, but we bought into something else.

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