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monday spot(light): coca cola, future history makers

some of the best creative gets people to reThink the brand, the category, the problem, and/or the consumer.  on monday spot(light) we discuss some of the creative in the marketplace that accomplishes that, for better or for worse.  if you have recommendations, please email them to me at

a few weeks ago i showcased coca cola’s new “open happiness” campaign on my blog.  since most of you said that campaign was less than average, i wanted to give them another shot by bringing forth their black history month campaign.  the only thing they could have done better was make it more than just a print campaign.  here are a few reasons why i like it:

  • the message, although not necessarily unexpected, is powerful and strong.  coke has latched on to something larger than themselves (as all great brands do) in a way that is appreciated by (and specific to) the africanic community as they encourage future generations to: be giving, be heard, be legendary, and be driven.
  • unlike most ads, i think that this one was designed to stand out amongst the black history month clutter.  it would get my attention if i was flipping through vibe, essence, newsweek, etc.
  • everything from the artistic syle of the campaign, to the messaging and the insights behind it are specific to the africanic community and ensure that it resonates with the target
  • coke is not afraid to play the background and celebrate black history month in a way that puts the target first and not the company’s sales goals.  

there are probably a million more reasons why i like it better than paying labron big bucks to be in a worthless commercial that ads to the clutter in the system, but with no further adieu here is “future history makers”:

labron james

labron james


(thanks craig for making me aware of the campaign, keep doing what you do)


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3 Responses

  1. Erin says:

    Thought provoking observations. Would love to see a comparative analysis.

  2. I think this might be my favorite Coke campaign ever. I agree with you; it’s really working for them that they’ve stepped into the background as far as putting the brand out there. It’s kind of a ‘pleasant surprise’ to see the Coke bottle at the bottom, or just a simple banner across the top. The artwork is beautiful. This is MUCH better than McD’s attempt to revolutionize the soul pound (have you seen that mess?)

  3. georgia peach says:

    thanks tav for bringing these ads to my attention; they’re beautifully done..i like them a lot.

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