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best in the world: jonathan harris

this post belongs to a series about people who either are or aspire to be the best in the world@ something. more often than not the world is looking for specialists. they want the best marketer, the best analyst, or the best art director- seldom do they look for someone who does it all (jack of all trades, master of none). if you are not yet a specialist, part of (re)Thinking life as you try to discover the correct path to take, is to ask yourself: “what do i want to be best in the world@?”

i don’t know jonathan but, as of now, i think he is one of the best when it comes to visual design. i was floored when i first discovered we feel fine, a beautifully designed interactive “exploration of human emotion on a global scale.” and, after further research, i have developed a complete respect for all of the design work jonathan has completed. i encourage you to check out love lines, a similarly beautiful “exploration of human desire,” or jonathan’s other work here. if you know someone better, let me know; but based on what i know, if i need a visual design for a project i am working on, i’m calling jonathan.

what do you want to be best in the world@? leave your footprint here and/or if you want to be highlighted in this series send your story to

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