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is 360 by 360 equal to 720?

in marketing and advertising we talk about how every campaign must be 360 degrees, meaning the same message should surround the consumer in as many touch points as possible (tv, print, radio, digital, events, pr…you get the point).  today, i was reminded that those who talk about 360 degree campaigns are still stuck in the old ways.  why?  because digital itself is 360 degrees!  brian solis’ conversation prism helps us understand with respect to social media alone, when considering all of digital the tools/mediums is even more robust.

the implications?

  • after thinking 360 in broadcast, print, events, etc., great marketers and advertisers will still have to push themselves to think 360 within digital alone
  • because digital is so rich with potential, the best marketers/advertisers will develop processes that will allow the 360 degree digital thinking to be at the front/center of the campaign rather than an afterthought
  • in fact, one can potentially do 360 degree campaigns without ever leaving digital
  • 600 degrees campaigns may become the new norm (at least we know they are possible now)

i’m not sure whether or not 360 by 360 equals 720 or not, but i am sure that digital is changing the game and making us all rethink.  

(this post is attributed to my conversation with chris!  thanks.)

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One Response

  1. misterarthur says:

    Excellent post, Detavio. Wish I’d been the one who’d thought of the idea. :^)

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