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three promises to my readers

as i am working out the brand promise for this blog (and the entire reThink brand) i ask that you will be patient with me.  the web supports my inclination to do, learn, and revise and it is my hope that you will support me  as i continue to try to add value through this blog.  here are a few of the promises i decided to make and the impact on the blog going forward:

  • i will be transparent.  hence this post.  anyone who knows me knows this word is a staple in my vocabulary.  i prefer not to get involved in politics or guessing games.  i will always say what i mean and mean what i say.  
  • i will choose quality over quantity.  i have been making an effort to post every weekday.  the key driver in this was to grow the blog and maintain a consistent level of page views throughout the week.  in other words, my motivations were misfocused.  you are my audience and my priority.  rather than aim for a certain number of posts per week i will aim to give you the best quality i can.  if that’s means 3x a day or 3x a week so be it.  i will no longer be driven by fictitious milestones.
  • i will be more focused and consistent.  today that means shifting the purpose of monday spot(light).  as of now, it doesn’t fit with the brand promise.  it is an outlier.  this blog is not about great creative; it is about reThinking marketing and life.  consequently, i will begin to highlight great/poor examples of advertising that support the ideas in my book and/or pushes people to reThink (think differently or think again) the brand, the category, the customer, etc.

thank you for continuing to read.  i appreciate all of the kind messages and comments i receive via facebook and linkedin.  now if i can only get that conversation taking place here so that everyone can get involved.  but until then, keep them coming…

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