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how many revenue streams do you have?

in our personal lives, most of us only have one, our employer.  having only one revenue stream is an extremely risky position to take in life.  most businesses don’t do it.  i’m not saying they don’t exist, but i am saying it’s extremely risky, especially in this economy.  if you were 100% dependent on lehman or general motors (as a vendor or employee) last year you are in trouble.

in a world where no job is safe and entire industries are buckling there is no better time to find an additional revenue

 stream.  start a company, learn to make money off of your blog, start a newspaper, collect junk from garage sales and sell it on ebay at a higher price.  just do something.  your circle is depending on you.  

and if you happen to be a part of a business with only one revenue stream, please reThink that position.  get new clients, new products, new customers, new money.  

this is not about being afraid; fear is not a healthy emotion 95% of the time.  this is good business sense both for your personal brand, your company, your customers, and everyone that depends on you.  after all, it’s a lot more difficult to serve your customers or your circle if you are going out of business.  

to me, there is no riskier position than to have one revenue stream in a bleeding economy.

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