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who is your primary audience?

who is your primary audience?   who is watching you?  who are you trying to please?  how many of them are there?  if you are living for yourself alone, you probably have a long road in front of you;  ego, selfishness, and false pride are all keys to self-destruction.  in addition, there are probably a lot of people who depend on you that are missing out on the value you bring to the table (when not self-absorbed).  

as a marketer, if you live to serve yourself or your company and fail to realize that your consumers are your priority you will fail.  if you begin to ignore your primary audience because of the lure of an attractrive new market you may wake up one day and find that the primary audience has abandoned you (only because you abandoned them first).  

similarly, in our personal lives, if you live to serve yourself rather than your spouse, children, loved ones, friends, and/or coworkers, the people close to you will quickly grow annoyed with you.  when people get annoyed, they leave (ask sprint).  

how big is your audience?  are they prioritized or do you treat them all the same?  are they happy with you?  proud of you?

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  1. […] of page views throughout the week.  in other words, my motivations were misfocused.  you are my audience and my priority.  rather than aim for a certain number of posts per week i will aim to give you the best quality i […]

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