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one reason to read reThink every wednesday

my first goal for the year was to learn how to swim.  so far so good.  the next goal for this year is to write a book and i will post pieces of it every wednesday.  like most writers i am not reinventing the wheel but rather leveraging the work of many brilliant people before me in a way to help marketers reThink how we communicate to people.  in my book i will touch on the following:

  • why we marketers have it all wrong (our perception is not reality) and what our conversation with the people we try to reach really looks like (reality)
  • how the marketing communications game can be boiled down into one word
  • the most effective ways of reaching our target audience (right now i am up to three)

the first two points are where i think i can add the most value to the marketing & advertising  conversation that is already taking place.  

committing to do this is a somewhat scary proposition; however, i am going to do as i always do: (1) set the goal, (2) ask someone to hold me accountable-that someone is you! (3) create markers so that i can evaluate my progress (4) make it happen (5) win.  

i look forward to taking this journey with you.  please feel free to comment and respond.  your thoughts will make us both better.

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