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barack obama is not superman

nor does he want to be.  i cannot remember the last time i heard obama say the word “i;” it’s always “we.”  i am reminded of this fact today as i watched him take the presidential office and move the nation in a way that only he can.

not once did he say “i.”  it’s “yes, we can,” and “we will not be,” and “we are a people that stand for.”  every time he talks it’s we, we, we.  

and that’s the difference between barack and superman.  superman did not ask for help; he did it alone.  because of his work in isolation, the nation developed a dependency on him.  as i watch a nation becoming ever more dependent on our black superman i realize that, at every opportunity, barack reminds us that he cannot do it by himself.  in fact, he doesn’t even want to.  

i wonder if we are listening…

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3 Responses

  1. misterarthur says:

    I was. But you’re right, though. Everyone is looking for a person to solve all our problems – when it’s going to take us all to do it. The only people that can save Detroit, for example, are the people who live here.

  2. KissMyBlackAds says:

    True indeed. A superman is not what we need. An insightful, ponderous, caring man is what we have and what we need.

  3. nouvellenegresse says:

    i think we’re listening but we’re also hoping. hope divorces us from the reality of things being said and allows one to project imagined possibilities atop dismal circumstances. so we’re hoping for a superman despite the fact we’re listening to a leader who is calling for collective effort.

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