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are you sticky?

the most valuable asset to marketers/advertisers right now is attention; and frankly, consumers/people are not paying attention to you or your brand.  but for those few brands who are smart enough to breakthrough and capture the attention of their consumers, the next challenge is to” to stick.”  

if sticking has been a problem for you/your brand, i seriously recommend the SUCCESs framework developed by my former stanford gsb professor chip heath, and his brother dan.  according to them them, sticky ideas are as follows:

  • simple.  the core of the idea is identified and communicated.
  • unexpected.  people don’t pay attention nor remember things they expected.
  • concrete.  make it real; avoid the world of ambiguity at all costs.
  • credible.  are you trustworthy?  authentic?
  • emotional.  thinking is great, but emotion incites action and its hard to do both at the same time.
  • stories.  people often put themselves in the story and feel more connected to the idea.  often times, a great story will accomplish all of the above.  

for more, you should buy the book, check out the web site, and/or read the blog.

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3 Responses

  1. jne says:

    After MTS was published, a lot of interesting conversation floated around about the difference between “sticky,” something that sticks with you, and “slippy,” something that you want to pass on to others. Obviously, it’s much more advantageous for brands to be slippy than sticky.

    Here’s the post where it all started it all by Mark Earls:

    Also, check out his book. If you liked “Tribes” by Godin, you’ll love “Herd: How to Change Mass Behavior by Harnessing Our True Nature.”

  2. I think when you have a brand as strong as nike, this is a decent sustainer for that. On it’s own, cinematically it’s beautiful. Ground breaking concept? Nah Not so much. Did I as an ad guy enjoy it? Kinda. I give a two or a three.

  3. I posted my comment on the wrong post. I loved the book. I think it’s an instant classic.

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