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only morning

i am reminded this morning, via twitter, by racquel wilson, to celebrate the life of oscar grant.  his tragic “death by police officer” immediately inspired a myriad of thoughts.  

  • some compassionate – i wonder how his daughter is doing?
  • some personal – i hope my brother (who is a denver police officer) is never in this situation
  • some spiritual – i have to pray for his family…
  • some slightly more cerebral- if culture is a way of life, what is it about the american way of life that enables this to happen to so often to black people and not others?    

at the end of the day, i am careful where i allow my thoughts to take me and wind up here:

life on earth is short.  tomorrow is not promised.  ultimately, my life is about impact. like most millennials, i am determined to make a difference; i am going to leave this place better than the way i found it.  period.  since i can’t guarantee tomorrow that means something has to get done today.  thank God it’s only tuesday morning; lots of time to get things done…(thank you oscar, for the inspiration)

UPDATE – 1/13/09 9:54pm

today was a wonderful day.  i honestly believe that i made a difference.  chris, nick, tracey, and stacie i want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to make a difference in your lives; and thank you for making a difference in mind.  see you at the top!


If You Read This, Out of Respect and Celebration for Oscar’s life, Tweet This (and any other stories you can find) to your Followers so that his story will be known:  

inspired by the life of oscar grant, it’s “only morning”:

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