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what if you were more like him?

life.  what if we all brought this same passion to our daily jobs?  what if we were all correctly aligned with our passions so that we even had the opportunity to get this passionate about what we did?  let’s make it personal: what if i cancel all of my meetings tomorrow just so i can get focused, passionate, and creative like this for one day?

marketing.  what does this inexpensive tactic do for his lovemark?  do you respect him more?  love him more?  want to talk about him?  

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monday inspiration:  what if you were more like him:

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4 Responses

  1. nouvellenegresse says:

    actually pretty much this made me want to see the real video. and i think the real video makes the case for y there needs to be marketing. It highlights the goodies for the buyer. i think u should post the real vidoe too.

  2. GV says:

    i think it’s a little bit oversold to say that people who are passionate don’t sleep…workaholics can be less productive. in fact i bet all the folks mentioned probably take long afternoon naps! i think that the point is that they never stop thinking about whom they want to become (even if they slept 10 hours per day), and they maximize their waking hours to work on whatever it is they want to become.

    • Detavio says:

      i completely agree. whether you sleep or not at night is just one sign post of someone who is aligned with their passions and dreams. it is definitely not foolproof and there are definitely others.

  3. GV says:

    As for me? I am working on accounting coursework to become a CPA? Boring? Maybe. But not all dreams end up on the television!

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