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january babies and my network


Mich Undergrad, Superstar Wife & Mother (she also does a good job w/ me on Navy)

my friends and my network are incredible.

as i celebrate my 28th birthday i just knew i was going to have to come up with some incredibly, reflective post.  problem was, nothing was inspiring me all day.  so i took my advice from yesteray and i took action.  i emailed a few of my friends who have january birthdays (two that share my actual birthday) and asked them to tell me what they wanted to be the best in the world at.  although i am only asking people for short statements right now (stories will be coming soon), i find that this exercise is so rewarding for me.  first of all, i get to learn about my friends-their dreams, motivations, and inspiration.  second of all, it forces me to evaluate myself to see if anything is missing.  like always, new information gives you the opportunity to judge it against what you currently have and see if it changes anything.  

my friends, the january babies, have reminded me how important it is to help others.  in their own way, each one of them mentioned that their goal is give back to someone.  and although that has always been a part of my plan and i think it is largely linked to my purpose, they have made me realize that i probably need to spell it out here a little more.  i will think about the phrasing but for now let’s just say that i want to be best in the world at exposing underpriviledged minorities to “the next level” and enabling them to get there through education.  i also want to be great at building God’s kingdom (but i won’t say best in the world here because it sounds too competitive to me for a spiritual goal).  who are you doing all of this work for?  who is it that you want to help?  is it really all about you?  anyway, thanks e, jb, and mj for the reminder and the inspiration!  (i’m missing ljf, ne, and td so i’ll have to work on that).

USNA, Mich MBA, soon-to-be the best at marketing cream cheesethe other reason my friends and network are so incredible is because they have showered me with so much love on this day.  the tweets, the emails, the facebook messages, the gchats, the text messages, the phone calls, the e-cards were all awesome!  some from close friends, some from lost friends, some from acquaintances and the likes.  all of your messages were appreciated.  thanks for being such great people and showing me love on this day.  peace!

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