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a life of (re)actions

every action has a reaction   




every action has a reaction

‘every action has a reaction.’   sometimes those actions may yield very positive results or positive reactions; and other times, our actions may produce negative results or painful reactions.  nevertheless, every action has a reaction.  and there will be times that we just won’t know the full impact of some of the actions we take because the reactions-good or bad-can extend far beyond what we see and know (see cartoon)

so then, how careful are we about our actions?  how mindful are we about the potential impact on others of the decisions that we make?  what about the impact on ourselves or on our world?  when you cussed out your employees, treated your girlfriend like she didn’t exist for a day (instead of like a queen), or failed to give that homeless person a dollar did you think about the consequences?  

 sometimes i do; sometimes i don’t.  but whether i do or not, the reality is, there will will be consequences.  I do my best to do the studying, reading, training, and praying necessary to acquire the wisdom, knowledge, and point of view that I need to have so that I can take the best actions at the best times.  there will be moments when i will fail miserably.  but, at the end of the day, my hope and prayer is that the aggregation of the positive actions i produce far outweighs the negative ones.  Simply put, I want to leave the world and the people I come into contact with better than how I found it/them.  

i also find consolation in knowing who i am and my belief that 99% of the time, action is better than no action.  i am an action-oriented person.  period. it’s one of my talents (see ACTIVATOR).  some people plan. these people will take 20 minutes printing out every google map so they can figure out how to get across town.  i’d rather jump right in and figure it out along the way.  to me, i learn best from my acting not necessarily my planning.  it’s a gift and a curse i have accepted.  this alone is an action with numerous reactions because it has enabled me to accomplish some great things at such a young age; and on the flip side it has caused error, rework, and pain.  

today, i reflect on some of my actions that are currently having negative reactions; but ultimately, for me, it is better to do something, than to do nothing at all.  i learn better and faster that way.

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  1. PCeezy says:

    One problem that you can get into with that act first, think later, flow is not being able to act when and where you should. It’s almost like in Big Daddy when they wasted the good surprise on Sonny. I mean, think about it like this, if you take an opportunity to – let’s say cheat on ya girl – and you act, in a whirlwind hype ass weekend out of town; then she finds out and kicks your ass and you get riddled with guilt; you may just pause the next time you get a chance to cheat. So far fine (not really), right, you can live with it, or have to anyway. But what happens when you get involved with someone new and you have another whirlwind weekend and there’s a straight dime sittin across the way from you at the new years eve party and you thinkin and thinkin, “dayum, i could, i should, but i’ll get burned in the long run…” those aren’t the right thoughts at all. You should be makin moves to get up with that shorty and pocket her for a later date (sorry, just euphamisms) instead of worrying about the consequences of a whirlwind weekend which might not happen anyway cuz quietly your ex-girl proACTively jacked your swag. Homegirl is in the corner lookin at you like ya dayum loser, took too long. So one of those younger cats pushes up and that’s that – but he’s f*(&in up cuz he has a girl. Now you see how the cycle of poorly thought out action can eat an entourage alive?! My point: you’re multi-talented, a prodigy in his own right: multitask and think and act at the same time…but know that the consequences of inaction are not always as bad the consequences of action. Moderate action is always a good way to buy time…

    • Detavio says:

      thanks for the response and the compliments. i am humbled. i agree with you points in regards of acting first and thinking later. i am not advocating for an act first, think later mentality but instead to think first and than act, but make sure you act. and even better, do the training and build the knowledge and foundation so that you can think quickly and thus act quickly. malcolm gladwell writes about this in his bestseller, blink. my personal training: i read and pray daily; i consume information in as rapid pace as possible in the form of books, blogs, and articles; and i reflect on my actions–both good and bad–to see what lessons have been learned. i believe that this training will enable me to make quicker and better decisions. consequently, when i am in the position that you write above (eying a beautiful woman even though i have a woman at home), the decision is already made.

      the action i would purposefully make is to not pursue the beautiful young lady and to take myself out of that situation because i cannot compromise my integrity, my values, my beliefs, nor am i willing to purposefully cause hurt and pain to someone i love. what i am not advocating for is the guy that stands there continuing to look at the girl; he is the one that doesn’t take action. he neither decides to be a man of integrity and say no, nor does he decide to pursue (which i will not advocate for in this situation either); instead, he stands there, conflicted and angry when someone beats him to the punch…although he was in fact, “doing nothing.”

      in life it is essential that we train ourselves to think and act as quickly as possible. take my “road trip” example; i’m not on the street turning and driving with no understanding of my actions nor any idea where i am going. i am constantly processing new information as it comes (new street signs, buildings, alleys, etc), using that information to analyze my options (potential reactions) so that i can make the next best action, and then reevaluating my new position. long story short, we have to do both. it’s kind of cyclical. think–act–think again–act again.

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